You have signed your car & house insurance with Mister X , who is a member of your tennis club, and he has advised you the company for which he works? You have just started your company and your trustee has advised you on the services of Miss Y , who works with another company, and therefore, you have concluded insurance there. Finally, you made the mortgage of your house with your banker, Mister Z , because you already had your accounts with him, and it was easier. Health insurances, let’s not get into that! We are being harassed on the phone by brokerage companies who claim to be "friends of the State", and in the end, who can we trust?

In short, your insurances costs you an arm, you are not even sure that they are still really suitable and it is time to change that!

Main samples of what ASSPA's diverse and varied services can do for you:

  • You have only one contact to manage all your insurances
  • Advice is centered on the person, in simple, clear and unambiguous language, in order to optimize the price/benefit ratio of your insurance.
  • Free advice, ASSPA does not charge for its services
  • Maximum discounts requested from each company. Therefore, you have access to the best quality/price ratio on the market.
  • Commitment: in the event of disagreement with insurers, ASSPA undertakes to defend the interests of its customers
  • Optimal management of your insurance portfolio. Elimination of possible „duplicates“
  • Tax optimisation
  • Analysis, recovery or creation of your mortgage file .
  • Analysis and explanation of your LPP certificate (2 th Pillar), and of your 3 th Pillars if existing
  • Optimisation Fiscale

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